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Thanks for taking the first step in making Scouting a part of your child's life.   Whether it's the leadership training, the field trips, the camping, the career exploration, or just the FUN, Scouting is for a lifetime





For more information, or if you're interested in organizing a unit in a town where there isn't a program, contact our District Executive Annie Taylor, 603-854-9626


Mt Monadnock District serves towns in the Monadnock Region in southwest New Hampshire with Boy Scout, Cub Scout and Venturing programs:




Communities served by the Mt Monadnock District, BSA


Cub Unit Boy Scout Unit Venturing Unit Contact  
Alstead       See Walpole  
Antrim Pack 2 Troop 2  

Pack 2, Call Susan Dussell, (603) 568-3069

Troop 2, email Scoutmaster

Bennington       See Antrim  
Chesterfield Pack 286, fall 2017     Call or text Annie Taylor (603) 854-9626  
Deering       See Hillsborough or Antrim  
Dublin       See Peterborough or Nelson
Fitzwilliam       See Jaffrey or Swanzey  
Francestown       See Antrim  
Gilsum       See Nelson or Keene  
Greenfield   Troop 271   Call or text Annie Taylor (603) 854-9626
Greenville       See Mason  
Hancock       See Antrim or Peterborough  
Harrisville       See Nelson, Peterborough or Keene  
Hillsborough Pack 73 Troop 73  

Chris Bober, 603-769-1483 Pack 73 Cubmaster 

Troop 73

Hinsdale Pack 496     Call or text Annie Taylor (603) 854-9626  
Jaffrey Pack 33 Troop 33   Call or text Annie Taylor (603) 854-9626  
Keene Pack 348 Troop 18  

Pack 348, Call Karen Johannesen, (603)762-1912

Troop 18, email Susan Ruel

Keene Pack 347 Troop 347   Call or text Annie Taylor (603) 854-9626  
Keene   Troop 302   Call or text Annie Taylor (603) 854-9626  
Marlborough Pack 14 Troop 14   Troop 14, Peter Switzer  
Marlow       See Nelson or Walpole  
Mason   Troop 264   Call or text Annie Taylor (603) 854-9626  
Nelson Pack 530     Elaine Giacomo, 603-847-9019  
New Ipswich Pack 3877 Troop 3877  

Troop 3877 Email, call or text: Diana Howell, (603) 562-8798

Pack 3877, Steve Rothwell, (617) 312-9634

Peterborough Pack 8 Troop 8

Crew 3165

Crew 808

Pack 8: Call or email Jeff King, (603) 924-8080

Troop 8:  Text or email Toby Gray, 603-854-0840

Crew 808:  Call or email Marie Primeau, (603) 924-3603

Crew 3165:  Call or email Brian Beihl, (603) 588-3014

Peterborough Pack 346 Troop 346   Call or text Annie Taylor (603) 854-9626  
Richmond       See Swanzy or Hinsdale  
Rindge Pack 308 Troop 308   Call or text Annie Taylor (603) 854-9626  
Roxbury       See Keene  
Sharon       See Peterborough  
Stoddard       See Nelson or Antrim  
Sullivan       See Keene or Nelson  
Surry       See Keene  
Swanzey Pack 297 Troop 311   Pack 297:  Call, email or text Jason Blake, (603) 903-4114  
Temple       See Peterborough  
Troy       See Jaffey or Swanzey  
Walpole Pack 299 Troop 299   P299  Debbie Pawelczyk  603-445-5475
Washington       See Hillsborough  
Westmoreland       See Walpole or Keene  
Winchester       Call or text Annie Taylor (603) 854-9626  
Windsor       See Hillsborough