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Roundtable Blog
Information about what's coming up, or what just took place at monthly leaders' Roundtable meetings.
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Training blog
Updates and reminders for upcoming training events
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Cub Scout Roundtable News
Updates and reminders regarding the Cub Scout Roundtable breakout
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Website: Geek Patrol Notes
News, updates & changes to the Mt Monadnock District website, MtMonadnock.org
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District Chair's Blog
Your District Chairman is new to the job, but not to the Mt Monadnock District. Rich Crowe has been around the District for several years as a Scoutmaster of Troop 530, Order of the Arrow Advisor, and other District posts. Rich's job is run our District Committee meetings, make the trains run on time, and to represent the District to the Daniel Webster Council board meetings. And if you need a good joke, Rich ALWAYS has one. After all, a Scout is Cheerful!
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District Commissioner's Blog
Kathy Schnyer is a long-time Scouter in Mt Monadnock District, but is in her first year as District Commissioner, one of your Key Three. As District Commissioner, Kathy is responsible for the Unit Commissioners, Roundtable and the Roundtable Commissioners, Recharter, and all things programming, among other hats. If your Unit Commissioner can't answer the question, the Unit Commissioner goes to Kathy for answers!
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District Executive's Blog
Welcome to our new district executive, Josh Beaucher! Josh joined the Daniel Webster Council in May 2015, and takes over the reins from Carey Kenyon Ducharme, who served Mt Monadnock for three years. Josh is an Eagle Scout and recent college graduate, so knows the program, the outdoors, and our mission!
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